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Real Estate

Real estate legal matters can take many forms, but our firm has seen it all. Whether it’s a dispute with a neighbor, purchasing your first home, or negotiating a lease, we’re here to help. We’ve handled transactions and resolved disputes throughout the state.

Here are a few examples of how we can help you:

  • Selling or buying property—Sometimes having a good real estate agent, salesperson, or broker is only part of the solution to a successful real estate transaction. Other times, the parties don’t need the assistance of a broker, and only need help preparing or reviewing standard forms. Our firm can help in all of these situations.
  • Leasing—California is a very complex landlord-tenant jurisdiction. Having competent legal counsel at every stage of a lease is critical to ensuring that your rights are protected. We handle dozens of landlord-tenant transaction and dispute matters every year.
  • Construction Law—We help property owners, general contractors, and subcontractors answer their California construction questions.
  • Development—For more complex real estate development needs, our land use practitioners can help with subdivisions, property line adjustments, entitlements, development agreements, and common interest and planned development matters.
  • Joint ventures—Larger real estate business opportunities often involves bringing together several financing sources and investor groups. Our multidisciplinary practice, leveraging business and real estate experience, provides our clients with a complete solution, no matter how complex the transaction. We have formed limited partnerships, general partnerships, and LLCs to help our clients achieve success.
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