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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Expired gift cards

Recently, a customer in my store asked me to honor a gift card that had expired several years ago. I honored it, but did I have to? In the future, can I impose an “inactivity fee” for gift cards? The law does not distinguish between “gift certificates” and “gift cards.” In California, the general rule […]

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Door-to-door sales

I’m thinking about starting a door-to-door sales business. How can I do this legally? Even under the best circumstances, selling things door-to-door can be difficult. If you’re reselling products for others, be careful about who your supplier, vendor or franchisors are. Absolutely avoid multi-level marketing or “work at home” scams; you need to be able […]

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Is this a test?

Is it legal for me to ask my potential employees or independent contractors to take an assessment test to test their knowledge prior to hiring? I’m thinking such a test may be useful for me in my search for additional help. Also, is it legal to ask current staff to take an assessment test? What […]

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