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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Workplace searches: it’s in the bag

I suspect one of my employees may have stolen another employee’s property. Can I search her purse, or is she protected by “unreasonable searches and seizures” under the Constitution? Constitutional rights are often misunderstood. The U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches by the government, not a private employer. Private employers acting as such are not subject […]

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The business judgment rule

I’m a director of a corporation and I’m concerned about making a bad business decision on behalf of the company. Can I be held personally liable for a poor business deal? Directors of corporations owe a duty to exercise good business judgment, using the care an ordinary person would use under the same circumstances. If […]

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The new I-9 form

A year ago, I wrote a column about immigration compliance and Form I-9. Surprise! The laws on immigration compliance have changed; here’s an update on what employers need to know. To start with, there’s a new Form I-9, released March 8. You’ll know if you have the most recent form because on the bottom left-hand […]

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