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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Crowdfunding: rewriting the investment rules

Dear Mary, I’d like to start a new business, but I need money. I don’t know any big investors, but I have a lot of friends who believe in my idea and can invest a little. Is there a way for me to have a lot of little investors, instead of a few big ones? You […]

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Whose job file is it, anyway?

In my last column, we discussed whether an employer must provide a current or former employee access to his or her personnel file and payroll records. This week, we’ll look at the specific information an employee may review. The general rule is that a current or past employee has the right to inspect his or […]

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File this under “Important!”: Employee Files

Dear Mary, I terminated an employee recently and they just sent me a letter demanding that I send them their employee file and payroll records. Am I required to do this? What do they have access to? You raise two major issues: 1) are you required to give an employee their employee file; and 2) what […]

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